Tell the Wolves I’m Home

Posted by on Jun 25, 2014

Tell the Wolves I’m Home, a local Nashville metalcore band just released their debut EP “Ghost”.



I produced, edited, mixed, and mastered this whole album. The band has spent the past couple months writing and figuring out band members and such while we’ve been tracking and organizing the songs. These guys are all my good friends so we got to have a lot of fun while making the record. I spent a lot of time on the mix. It needed to sound agressive, but raw at the same time. Mechanical, but loose. A tough sound to achieve when they are literally opposites but with the help of the band sitting in on the mix sessions along with the beastly guitar tone we got from the re amps, we were able to find a sound that worked perfectly.



The music itself is dark. Its a modern sounding metalcore with a dark edge to it all. The melodies pop but keep a cast of darkness over the choruses. The guitar leads ride the song in just the right way. The rhythms are powerful and aggressive, punching you right in the gut when a nasty breakdown hits. There’s modern production throughout to bring out the full emotion of parts but not overpowering. Its unique but still classic and something that will pump you up at the gym (great to bounce to on a run 😉 ).


I highly recommend checking this album out for anyone who’s into this style of music. We all worked very hard on it and these guys definitely deserve a chance.


The album is now LIVE on iTunes! Pick up your copy today! I got mine 😉



Check out the single, HERE:




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Stay Strange,

– Josh