Sick :(

Posted by on Jul 23, 2014

These past couple weeks have been absolutely miserable due to being sick.



As many of you know I had to cancel both of my shows at the Jefferson County fair in Wisconsin the other week. This is something I would NEVER do but was unable to even vocalize on both days of the performance.



The band and I had practiced for weeks, planned for months, and were SO excited to be taking the stage. Being unable to talk and completely out of it every day til the day of the performance, I still went through the motions at practice just in case I was able to get my voice back. Unfortunately, I was unable. The guys as well as myself were crushed to have to forfeit the shows.



It started with a sore throat, nothing too harsh. Later that night a fever kicked in and I began to act, “not myself”. The next few nights were complete hell. I had a high fever and was tossing and turning in pain. I was sweating nonstop while shivering, muscles cramping, I was dizzy and disoriented every time I tried to stand up or move. The next morning I woke up mid sleep from not being able to breathe because my tonsils were so swollen. My throat was red and white and I had all I could do to swallow a sip of water without going through the roof. I went to urgent care to get better for the shows and they were confident I could get better by the time of the performance. Over the next couple days it just got worse and on the day of the show I lost my voice entirely. I went to the ER and when I asked if there was ANYTHING that can be done. The doctor laughed and told me the shows are absolutely NOT happening. According to the ER I had a “raging, shit case of tonsillitis”.



Even though I was unable to perform, I still have had the best support from my fans, friends, and family and I’m so thankful for that. I guess I just owe Wisconsin a show ;).


Stay Strange and STAY HEALTHY!

– Josh


A special thanks to David Diestler and the Jefferson County Fair for being awesome.