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Posted by on May 15, 2014

This week I had to the honor to take photos with the wonderful Angelea Presti. I had heard endless good things about her from some friends and other people I work with, so we connected and did a shoot.



She currently lives in Wisconsin right now, but happens to be moving to Tennessee this summer. On this unexpected trip home, I did not pack any clothes that were photoshoot worthy. So when we scheduled the shoot for the next day, I was frantically trying to put together outfits that would work. I ended up having to drive up to Madison just to get all new clothes and made it back in time for the shoot literally ON THE DOT. Having never tried the clothes on before, I changed and just rolled with it.




We set up in a warehouse section of the radio station she works at. It was really cool and the lighting worked out perfect.



Angelea made everything fun and easy, telling me exactly what to do and how to pose. She knew what she wanted and I trusted her lead. We took tons of photos and had fun at the same time.

Here are some of the final results:



At the end of the shoot, she surprised me with needing  a shot for her portfolio with her and a male model. She set the timer on her camera, and ran up to grab the shot. The second after the camera “snapped” it ran out of battery. We were left with that one shot and our fingers crossed hoping we got it right. The results ended up looking pretty incredible…



Unexpectedly, Angelea got in touch with me today and asked me to help her out with another shoot. The theme she was going for, although it sounds crazy, was “Editorial Fairytale”. This shoot is where i JUST literally got home from, so I figured I’d include a few sneak peek pics ;).



I couldn’t be happier with the photo shoots we did over the past couple days. I highly recommend Angelea as a photographer to anyone and everyone.


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