Posted by on May 28, 2014

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I had gone Kayaking; Not something I do too often but I figured it would be fun to go on a little adventure by myself.




The Kayak itself is super old. It was my dad’s when he was younger that he brought with him to Wisconsin from New Hampshire.




I launched on the side of the road into the Rock River just outside of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin and paddled into a small, connecting river called the Bark River. The banks were so flooded that the water was halfway up the trees. I even paddled over the top of a walking bridge and a few park benches in one area. It was nice to just get away, put aside the technology, and go somewhere in nature completely alone left with nothing but the sounds of the world and my own thoughts – man, what a workout!



I recommend getting out there and doing something active this summer that can exercise the body, mind, AND spirit!



Stay Strange,

– Josh