Horrible, Great Day

Posted by on May 7, 2014


So today I traveled home from Nashville to celebrate my dad’s 53rd birthday, and man I had quite the adventure. Just the other day, my sister had the idea to surprise him by showing up for dinner, seeing that she lives over 2 hours away and I live 10 hours away, he certainly wouldn’t be expecting it – and he wasn’t!



This trip, however, has led me through some ridiculous obstacles along the way. It was strange because the day itself was a great day, I felt great all day but it was also one of my unluckiest days in a while. First of all, I had lots of work to finish up before I could tear down the studio and bring it home to Wisconsin. I worked all through the night and packed up at about 4 in the morning. With leaving at 5, I didn’t even have time to lay down and close my eyes once for the night. Surviving only off monster and coffee, the day just got weird. To start, when loading my things in my car I walked through a giant cobweb surrounding my face and getting in my hair. After filling up my car with gas, my card was declined. I then went to sit in my car and missed the seat, falling right on the ground. Then I drove to get on the interstate the wrong direction, and continued to miss the next 3 exits I was supposed to take in a row, leading myself in circles around the city. I stopped at a McDonalds to get an oatmeal breakfast (whole wheat 290 calories 😉 ) which advertised a free small coffee, which they then charged me extra for and denied the advertisement on the sign literally on their window. I stopped later on at a gas station to buy two of my favorite Monster Absolute Zero’s – after taking one sip, I quickly realized I bought the wrong kind of Monster, which happened to be the worst tasting kind I’ve ever had. If things weren’t already bad enough, I got pulled over in mid Illinois and was given a speeding ticket for going 15 over the limit. To cool down I pulled over at the rest stop, only to look in the mirror and top it all off with realizing I had worn my shirt inside-out the whole day.


Regardless, the day continued to be strange because no matter how many things tried to knock me down – I was still feeling great! I actually started to see the humor in the series of unfortunate events that were occurring.


Even through all the bad luck, today turned out to be a great day after all. We had the whole family together, surprised my dad, and made his birthday one to remember.



All in all – today was a terribly exhausting, horrible, great day.


Stay Strange,