“Love Is a Stranger” Officially on VEVO

Posted by on Oct 29, 2013

The music video for “Love Is a Stranger” is now officially on VEVO! VEVO is a high quality music video that regulates who can have their videos uploaded. Unlike YouTube, where anyone can upload, VEVO wants to keep the videos limited to well known artists. VEVO has a partnership with YouTube, allowing the videos to be found when searched. This makes it easy for fans to identify the official video on YouTube from their favorite artists and see it in the highest quality, rather than getting search results for hundreds of videos uploaded by fans which are lower quality and may or may not be the right video.

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vevo 2

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Mos Eisley – “The Lost” Produced by Josh Napert, Released

Posted by on Oct 25, 2013

The Lost, by Mos Eisley is the newest metal track produced by Josh Napert. This is a side project created by Seann Bowe and Nick Jerschefske. This production adds the modern slam and powerful punch in the drums and guitars, while keeping the classic sound of the early post-hardcore bands, such as Underoath. One thing in particular about this track is the pop writing style of Seann Bowe’s vocals JUMP out at you and leave you humming the melody days after you’ve heard the song. It is undeniably catchy. Josh recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered this track, adding tasteful strings and full bodied synths, as well as upbeat percussion to the track to make it a full and finished product. Give it a listen, get your inner metal-head out! \m/

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Mos Eisley - The Lost

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Josh Napert Remixes official track for Skye Daru

Posted by on Oct 25, 2013

As well as creating his own music, Josh also writes and records with and for other bands and artists. This track, originally done with producer, Oh, Hush!, was remixed by Josh using only the vocals. Josh created all the music behind it as well as tweaking some structure and adding new and wild vocal glitches and crazy pounding synth melodies that soar throughout this banger. This remix is being used and sold as the official remix for the Skye Daru Remix EP, being released under Skye herself.

The song is available to buy on the iTunes store, HERE:


Skye Daru (Million Miles Josh Napert Remix)

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